Financial Certification Programs Final Exam (FIN-FCP-020)
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Available From    12/16/2014
A Certification Exam will be offered twice per month and an 80% passing grade is required to attain certification upon completion of the following Certifications: 1. Certified Payroll Representative 2. Procure to Pay Specialist 3. Financial Systems Specialist 4. TRaC Representative Certification This test will be held in a designated computer lab and will be open to all certification tracks (each certification track will have a different exam relevant to that track). Failure to pass will result in review by the Curriculum Leader for the applicable certification track. A participant's area of deficiency will be identified from the exam results and specific classes may need to be completed before retaking the final exam; participants who do not successfully complete the final exam will not be required to retake all courses in the curriculum.
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