Payroll Access Training for Grant Managers (GMs) - New GAPs and Tools - Classroom (FIN-PAYGM-CLASSROOM)
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Available From    08/26/2015
An overview of new Payroll Access GAPs & technology, ensuring GMs direct access to pertinent data. The class reviews: - Tools/Reports in Duke@Work, including selected iForms, Weighted Average Report, Employee Data Search & Institutional Base Salary - NEW GAPs: 200.171, Cross Org. Unit Payroll Management on Sponsored Projects; & 200.172, Payroll Access for Effort Management on Sponsored Projects - Roles & Resp./Best Practices to ensure compliant effort management through project life with effort discussions re: cross-department, Centers/Institutes, Parent/Child - Guidance on escalation process for resolving cross-department payroll issues - Enhancements improving payroll actions & iForms efficiency GMs with limited/no iForms experience are STRONGLY encouraged to view Payroll Access Training for Grant Managers - Online iForms Overview - Video prior to attending (available via LMS). Check Learning Assignments Tab for additional resources. No RCC/Cont. Ed. Credit
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